Photos of Master Bob Fields
at the World Head of Family
Soke-ship Council
Accepting the Award for
Millenium Master Instructor
of the Year 2000

Photos of Master Fields and Friends
at the Millenium Awards of the
World Head of Family Sokeship Council
in Orlando, Florida - September 2, 2000


Master Fields is inducted into the
International Hall of Fame as the
Millenium Master Instrutor of the Year 2000

Soke Glenn Kwan, Founder of the
Kwan's Kempo System, Genki-Do
in Barrie, Ont. CN, with Master Fields


Stephen K. Hayes, 10th Dan in Nin-po Taijutsu
in Dayton, Ohio, with Master Fields

Master Fields and Friends
In the Middle are Master Eugene Humesky,
9th Degree in Tae Kwon Do, and his wife


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